Berkshire Pork - Natural "Kurobuta" Pork

River Bar Farm is pleased to provide naturally-raised Berkshire pork to local markets.  Visitors to our farm are fascinated by these long, thick-bodied swine with short legs.  They are surprised to find out that the primarily black carcass dresses out completely white!  In Japan, Berkshire pork is called “Kurobuta” (black pig) and is prized there and throughout the world for its delectable taste.  Berkshire pork has a fine texture and distinct flavor.  The breed is known for its high proportion of lean meat to fat.  Berkshire hams and bacon are superior pork indeed!

An excellent history of the Berkshire breed can be found at Legend has it that the Berkshire hog was discovered by Oliver Cromwell’s army – serving as a food source during winter quarters in the shire of Berks, England; thus, “Berkshire”. The first Berkshires were imported into the U.S. in 1823.  In 1876, the Breed Publication promoted Berkshires as having “a greater proportion of lean freely intermixed with small, fine streaks of fat making the hams, loins, and shoulders sweet, tender, and juicy”.

And to that claim, we shout a hearty Amen! If you haven’t entered hog heaven yet, we invite you to step one hoof closer by trying our Berkshire pork! Following is just one testimonial from a satisfied customer of River Bar Farm's natural Kurobuta pork:

“Just wanted to let you know we picked up our side of pork on Saturday
and enjoyed some great pork chops Saturday night. My husband loves thin cut (1/2") pork chops, so we got all our chops cut that way. I have to say I was skeptical since thin cut usually get all dried out during cooking, no matter how careful you are. These chops were fabulous...full of flavor, tender and juicy. We can't wait to try everything else”. - Amber Fries, Desert Wind Winery - Prosser, WA


Inquiries by interested parties are welcome!

Richard & Bernalyn McGaughey
Bob Warriner

Operators, River Bar Farm