Lowline Angus Cattle - Registered

The Lowline breeding stock at River Bar Farm includes our registered fullblood Lowline bull “Beau Brenton”.  Beau is sire to a line of fullblood and pureblood Lowline heifers/cows, as well as calves from registered Buelingo cows.


River Bar Farm is a proud member of the Northwest Lowline Association (NWLA).  As stated on their website, “Lowline Angus cattle have experienced phenomenal growth since 1996 when the first Lowline was imported to the United States from Australia…and with good reason. Known for their large rib eye area and ability to produce more product per pound along with a high rate of efficiency as grass converters, they certainly pack a lot of benefits in a smaller package!”  An interesting history of the breed can be found on the NWLA site at http://nwlowline.com/Lowline-History.htm

River Bar Farms beef is certified grass fed, meaning that no grains or supplements are used in its production or finishing. Grass fed beef is higher in omega-3 fatty acids and is generally considered to be a healthier option than beef finished on grain. We have selected Lowline Angus for raising in this manner because they finish to prime or near-prime on grass alone. Grass fed animals take a bit longer to raise to market size, but our purpose is to raise meat for its quality, not quantity.

In addition to their efficient grass-to-meat conversion, Lowlines are known for their excellent marbled “locker” beef, ability to finish on pasture, high carcass yield, and easy calving ability.  A generally docile breed, Lowlines are suitable for children to halter train and show.

Inquiries by interested parties are welcome!

Richard & Bernalyn McGaughey
Bob Warriner

Operators, River Bar Farm