RiverWoods: Fine Western Furniture

River Bar Farm is pleased to offer a line of fine Western furniture – a variety of items hand-crafted from locally harvested wood. Our “RiverWoods” operation is managed by Bob Warriner, a master wood-worker who is a lover of all things handmade. RiverWoods produces high-quality themed products that are a pure joy to own and cherish as authentic American-made pieces … many are one-of-a-kind. 


Keeping with the vision of our farm, Bob’s products have their beginnings in the surrounding Cascade Mountains, where a variety of woods are hand-harvested through Washington-state controlled permitting programs. Harvesting is conducted on National Forest land in the Naches Ranger District. We employ a sustainable harvesting process of selecting only standing dead timber … an environmentally-friendly technique with a positive impact that promotes new tree growth. These natural resources are then lovingly transformed into items of artistic and natural beauty. RiverWoods products are grown here and finished here!


Our log furniture items are crafted from Lodgepole pine, Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and “blue” pine that is hand-cut, hand-peeled, hand-cured and hand-fashioned. All furniture items are meticulously hand-crafted from preparing the harvested logs to assembling the finished products. Each item is carefully constructed with time honored mortise-and-tenon joinery. Attention to detail and the careful matching of parts make RiverWoods products very durable. Each product has its own unique personality.  We like to consider that our pieces are at home in mountain cabins or more elegant homesteads.


We have provided a few photos of our work here - selected inventory photos can be found at Furniture Inventory.  We welcome your inquiries and invite you to call us if you do not see what you are looking for.  We will also entertain your custom ideas and would be happy to work with you to achieve whatever design you have in mind.  In keeping with our mission at River Bar Farm, “RiverWoods” offers you a unique purchase that will be a lasting treasure reflecting the natural resources of our region.

Following is a testimonial from a satisfied customer: "The bedroom furniture we purchased is beautiful. The craftsmanship of the furniture is amazing, native woods with dovetailed joints throughout. Not only am I enjoying the beauty of the pieces and the wood, but knowing it came from logs sustainably harvested from the Cascade mountains is a bonus. The uniqueness of the "bluing" in the pine creates a one-of-a-kind heirloom, and the ability to give input to the design was great fun."

Bob Warriner
RiverWoods - River Bar Farm